Top 5 Flavoured Filters of 2023

Flavoured Filter

A few years ago, the joint was among the simplest thing to smoke. All you need is a wrap, a pinch of good herbs, and you’re ready.

However, the cannabis industry has been evolving. High-quality joint filters and twisted tips are becoming available, allowing you to experience the perfect and smooth spliff.

Joint filters can give additional flavours, designs, and other benefits that you cannot get from blunt wraps alone. If you aim for better and more aromatic smoke, you must look for the best flavoured filters this 2023.

What are Joint Filters?

When smoking unfiltered smoke, tiny pieces of loose leaves or herbs end up in the smoker’s throat. This results in an unpleasant, bitter, and harsh smoke-hit experience.

Fortunately, joint filters can trap some harmful substances, reducing the amount of toxins the smoker might inhale. These filters are usually placed on one end of the rolling joint, acting as your mouthpiece when smoking.

Which Cannabis Joint Filter is the Best?

With the continuous development of joint filters, new types are emerging with more flavours and benefits. Check out this flavoured filter list and determine which is the best for you.

5. Unbleached Paper Rolling Filters

Cannabis smokers have long used unbleached paper joint filters because they are affordable and disposable. Brands such as Raw and Hornet produce some of the market’s most well-known paper filter tips.

Since these filters are made from plant fibre materials, they are cheaper than alternatives, like ceramic, glass, and corn-husk filters. When you place it in your mouth, you need to maintain its structural integrity as it can get soggy anytime and might break down the longer time you smoke.

4. Glass Filter Tips

If you do not want a soggy joint, then these filters are perfect for you. Glass filter tips are one of the most expensive joint filters available in the market. Despite being pricey, they provide numerous benefits to consumers.

Glass filter tips offer clean and condensed smoke. These filters can eliminate ash and prevent resin from staining your teeth, lips, and fingers. You do not have to worry about your herbs falling, as these filters can contain them properly. However, you must ensure they are maintained regularly to ensure any materials are cleared out.

3. Silicon Filter Tips

You might not sustain buying pricey filters in the future. Fortunately, silicon filter tips offer a quality smoking experience without spending much money. They are similar to other joint filter tips but cannot cool down your smoke. These filter tips must be cleaned out with alcohol and Q-tip after every use.

2. Ceramic Joint Filter

These filters are relatively new in the cannabis market. They are more durable than glass filter tips; hence, you won’t see them break when dropped. Furthermore, ceramic filters allow you to experience slow and even burns, making your smoke more pleasurable and relaxing.

However, due to ceramic’s porous nature, its heat capacity is higher than glass. It implies ceramic can maintain heat better than glass filter tips, enhancing your herb’s overall flavour profile.

1. King Palm Corn Husk Filters

King Palm Corn Husk Filters are your best option if you are looking for affordable yet high-quality filters. They can elevate your weed-smoking experience at a low cost. Typically, it ranges from about £1.50 to £70.00, depending on the sizes and flavours.

King Palm flavoured filters are also crafted from 100% natural, organic-grown corn husks. They provide stability and strength to support medium to large rolls. Because of corn husk’s natural design, these filters are efficient at preventing the herbs from falling out.


Whether you are looking for flavoured filter for hemp wraps or tobacco blunts, ensuring their quality, heat capacity, sustainability, and price is essential. These factors can help you determine which one suits your desired smoking experience.

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