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How to Roll a Hemp Wrap for Beginners

Hemp Rolls

Most individuals try cannabis out of curiosity, especially if it is socially prevalent or widely available in their community. Traditionally, they use tobacco-based rolling papers to pack their herbs. However, this is gradually changing as more cannabis lovers want a healthier and more distinctive smoking experience. Hemp wraps are now the popular alternative for tobacco […]

Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolled Cones: Before You Buy

pre-rolled cones

Pre-rolled cones have been a commodity in the cannabis market. They are offered in several sizes, paper materials, and flavourings tailored to different consumer preferences. With its rising popularity and portability, more and more smokers are transitioning to pre rolled cones. What are Pre Rolled Cones? Cannabis smokers, especially beginners, usually struggle with rolling their […]

Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps: Which One is Better?

hemp vs tabacco

Over the years, smoking blunts have become a popular pastime in the cannabis community. A blunt refers to the colloquial name for a marijuana cigar, which adds energy to your cannabis high. If you are to look at its appearance, it has weed rolled up in a thick tobacco wrap and is usually darker in […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Wraps [Infographic]

Hemp Wraps

The growing demand for hemp wraps products, such as fibre, seed, stalks, oils, and hurds, is expected to drive countries’ economic growth.The Grand View Research released a report revealing that the global industrial hemp market will expand at a 17.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2030. The countries that rank in the […]

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