Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolled Cones: Before You Buy

pre-rolled cones

Pre-rolled cones have been a commodity in the cannabis market. They are offered in several sizes, paper materials, and flavourings tailored to different consumer preferences. With its rising popularity and portability, more and more smokers are transitioning to pre rolled cones.

What are Pre Rolled Cones?

Cannabis smokers, especially beginners, usually struggle with rolling their joints. This dilemma has encouraged the cannabis and cigar companies to produce ready-made marijuana papers called pre rolled cones.Pre rolled cones eliminate the hassle of rolling a joint, allowing you to grind, pack, and start smoking. You will enjoy using these as they are uniform in size and consist of a perfect cone shape. Besides, they come in different varieties in the market, which include:

Cordia Leaf

Most of the best pre rolled cones UK are crafted from Cordia. Because of its high-quality materials, these can be costlier than their counterparts, such as hemp wraps and rice paper. Nonetheless, they are worth every penny as they burn excellently, leaving a smooth, clean, and cool smoke.

Rice Paper

Pre-rolled cones with rice paper do not leave ash behind. They use sugar-based gum, producing a sweet, slow burn for improved smoking activity.

Hemp Rolls

Hemp rolls are made from high-quality hemp fibre used for cannabis smoking. They burn slowly and evenly, making them one of the most favourite hemp products among consumers. Read more: Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps: Which one is Better?

Pros of Using Pre-Rolled Cones

Easy to Use

Pre rolled cones offer a user-friendly smoking experience, especially for beginners. It also provides convenience when you cannot roll a joint but want to smoke. For instance, if you are too high to roll your next joint, pre rolled cones can be an alternative for the convenient consumption of cannabis.

Less Mess

Professional cannabis smokers know how messy it is to roll joints manually. Tobacco or dry herbs can fall out if not correctly rolled and secured. So, many cannabis enthusiasts prefer smoking a cone to secure and contain the smoking herbs within the cone. This way, they can reduce mess and ensure an efficient smoking session.

Wide Range of Options

Smoking can be boring if you only have fewer options. Fortunately, pre rolled cones come in different sizes and flavours designed to your preferences. You can also choose your preferred cone materials, such as traditional rolling paper, hemp wraps, or rice paper, to suit your desired taste, burning rate, and health considerations.

Cons of Using Pre-Rolled Cones


Pre rolled cones tend to be more expensive than other cannabis papers. If you are conscious about your budget, you can think twice before purchasing them. However, remember that their benefits outweigh their costs. Manufacturers warned the public about buying cheap ones as they aren’t made with prime ingredients.

Less Control

When using pre rolled cones, you have less control over the type and amount of smoking herbs you can pack into the cone. You cannot customise it based on your preferred smoking experience and burning rate.

Can be Addictive

Since pre rolled cones are easy to use, you might be tempted to consume them more than the traditional joints. Regular use of these cones can create a reliance on their convenience. If no pre-rolled cones are available, you might struggle in rolling joints as you decrease your skills in the manual process.


Today, the cannabis market offers a wide range of options to consumers. While you can choose what type of pre rolled joints you want to consume, ensuring its quality and benefits is vital for a fun and clean smoking experience. One way to do this is by looking for a reputable cannabis shop. If you want premium cannabis cones for a sensational smoking experience, you can opt for Smokehub. We offer high-quality, branded pre-rolled cones, including Twisted Hemp, Tyson Ranch, and King Palm Cones. Contact us to learn more.

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