How to Roll a Hemp Wrap for Beginners

Hemp Rolls

Most individuals try cannabis out of curiosity, especially if it is socially prevalent or widely available in their community. Traditionally, they use tobacco-based rolling papers to pack their herbs. However, this is gradually changing as more cannabis lovers want a healthier and more distinctive smoking experience.

Hemp wraps are now the popular alternative for tobacco blunts. They are thin and flat sheets rolled in cannabis with no tobacco content. Despite being new to the cannabis industry, beginners are looking for ways how to roll a hemp wrap. The first you need to do is to gather all materials, including:

  • Hemp Wraps
  • Herb Grinder
  • Ground Herbs
  • Filter or Crutch
  • Rolling Tray
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Scissors
  • Mix-Ins (optional)

Choosing the Right Hemp Wrap for a Better Smoking Experience

Assessing the quality of materials is essential when it comes to rolling hemp wraps. It is advisable to seek out hemp wraps crafted from premium, organic hemp and avoid synthetic components and additives.

Additionally, the size and thickness of your hemp wraps can significantly influence your smoking experience. Thicker wraps tend to burn slower, resulting in a smoother and more pleasurable smoking experience.

On the other hand, thinner wraps offer a quicker burn yet more robust flavour. If you are a beginner and don’t know what to choose, it might be worthwhile to experiment with various sizes and thickness. This way, you can discover the ideal hemp wrap suitable to your criteria.

Preparing Your Herbs for Smoking

Before rolling your hemp wrap, you must prepare your herbs for smoking. Here is an easy guide on how to prepare herbs for your joints:

Choose Quality Herbs

You don’t want to ruin your smoking activity. So, it would be better if you knew how to identify high-quality herbs from not. Premium herbs are usually well-dried and properly cured. They offer flavourful, sensational smoke, giving you a relaxing feeling.

Grind the Herbs

When grinding your herbs, it is advisable to use a grinding machine to break them down into smaller, uniform pieces. This activity allows better combustion and an even burn when you are smoking.

Remove Stems and Seeds

Remove any large stems and seeds before placing the herbs in hemp wraps. These can be harsh when smoke, which might interfere during the rolling process. If you neglect this part, you might experience an unpleasant taste in your smoke.

Add Mix-Ins

While this part can enhance the favour of your joints, this is only optional. You can add common mix-ins, such as tobacco, herbal extracts, or concentrates, to add an aroma to your joints. Remember to distribute them evenly for consistent smoking sensations.

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap with No Glue?

After preparing your hemp wraps and herbs, it is time to learn how to roll a hemp wrap. Here’s a step-by-step process to rolling the perfect hemp:

1.    Moisten the Wrap and Place it on a Flat Surface

Dip your fingers into the water and use them to moisten the entire surface of the hemp wrap. Be careful not to soak it excessively, as it might be challenging to work with.

Afterward, place your hemp wrap on a rolling tray or any clean surface. Use your fingers again to press down the wrap, laying it flat to stay in place.

2.    Add Your Herbs

At this time, you need to be careful in adding your herbs. You need to spread them evenly along the length of the hemp wrap and leave ample space at both ends.

3.    Shape, Tuck, and Roll

Using your hands, gently shape the hemp wrap around the herbs, beginning at one end. This will ensure that your cannabis tastes excellently without any canoeing burns. Tuck and roll the wrap tightly while applying gentle pressure to compact the materials.

4.    Seal the Joint

Once you have finished rolling your wrap, press the moistened surface against the dry one to create a seal. The moisture on the wrap will act as a natural adhesive. This way, you will no longer need glue to secure your joints.

5.    Lit and Start Smoking

You can twist the ends of the joint to ensure an even burn. For the final touch, use scissors to trim any excess of the wrap and start smoking. Enjoy!

Hemp Wraps

What Happens When You Over Pack/Under Pack a Hemp Wrap?

Over packing a hemp wrap can result in various adversities. If you add too many herbs, exceeding the capacity of the hemp wrap, you might experience the following:

  • There is a high chance your wrap will tear during the rolling process
  • Excessive stretching can lead to smoke leaking out
  • It will ruin the quality and integrity of your hemp wrap cigar
  • Restrict airflow, tight draws, and minimal smoke production

Conversely, under packing a hemp wrap can be just as problematic as over packing. Here are some of its risks:

  • Insufficient filling creates excessive airflow
  • Loose herbs can easily fall out, making a mess
  • The wrap will burn faster than the herbs
  • Poor-quality smoking experience

To avoid overpacking and under packing hemp wraps, you must be mindful of how much herbs you can put inside the wrap. Finding the right amount of herbs and rolling techniques that work best for you may require some experimentation and adjustment.

Do You Need a Filter to Smoke a Hemp Wrap Blunt?

Rookie smokers often ask whether they need a filter when smoking a blunt. While this is optional, you can use a filter or crutch while rolling up to the smoking process. Experts use this to permit smoother inhales that are less harsh in their throat.

If you plan on using filters, place them at the end of your wrap and hold them before rolling them hemp. Filters can create consistent and controlled airflow, resulting in a better smoking experience.

Why are Hemp Wraps the Best Wraps for Rolling Joints?

Slow and Even Burn

Hemp wraps provide quality and even burn, allowing you to feel a more enjoyable smoking experience. These wraps do not require constant relighting compared to other materials.

Smooth Flavour

These wraps have a subtle flavour, which means they do not overpower the taste of the herbs.

Minimal Additives

High-quality hemp products do not contain significant amounts of additives or chemicals. As such, using these wraps provide a cleaner and healthier smoking experience.

Wide Options

With hemp wraps, you have various sizes, flavours, and thickness options. You can choose what suits you best, enhancing your overall smoking experience. Beginners can explore more about hemp wraps as they start using them.

Where to Find the Best Hemp Wraps?

As a starter who wants to master skills in rolling hemp joints, finding a reliable retailer is essential. The right cannabis seller can offer you high-quality hemp wraps, which you can use to roll your joints.

At Smokehub, we provide you with the best and most natural hemp wraps for your smoking activity. We ensure our products are made 100% natural with no added nicotine, tobacco, or other harmful chemicals. Visit us to learn more about our cannabis products.

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