Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps: Which One is Better?

hemp vs tabacco

Over the years, smoking blunts have become a popular pastime in the cannabis community.

A blunt refers to the colloquial name for a marijuana cigar, which adds energy to your cannabis high. If you are to look at its appearance, it has weed rolled up in a thick tobacco wrap and is usually darker in colour.

Most traditional smokers prefer tobacco wraps because of the relaxing, smooth feeling of the mix of tobacco and cannabis effects. However, with continuous innovation in the cannabis market, a new creation was introduced: hemp wraps.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, flat sheets rolled in cannabis material. They are made from organic hemp fibres, mashed into a pulp, and left to dry. These are excellent alternatives to tobacco wraps because of their pure and organic materials.

Additionally, hemp wraps are infused with different scents and flavours, enhancing your overall smoking experience. Because it is entirely organic, no additives are incorporated during hemp production. It implies that these are safer and cheaper than conventional rolling papers.

Do hemp wraps have tobacco?

Hemp wraps do not have any tobacco content. They are made from organic hemp pulp compressed into thin wrappers. Unlike traditional tobacco wraps, they are healthier to consume as they do not contain significant amounts of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances.

Moreover, organic hemp is a GMO-free product, meaning it was not farmed using chemicals, pesticides, or growth stimulants. These factors can cause significant harm to the ecosystem and human health, leading to environmental and health crises.

Hemp Wraps Vs. Tobacco Wraps

Hemp and tobacco wraps are often interchanged with one another. Because they both serve the same purpose, many argue about which is better. To help you find out, here are their pros and cons:

Pros of Hemp Wraps

Less ripping

Hemp wraps are made from the most fibrous portions of the plant. Once processed, the paper material is usually ten times stronger than the regular rolling papers. You can keep your rolled hemp in your pockets without ripping it and worrying about its condition.

More Affordable

With rising inflation, investing in cheaper yet premium blunt wraps are advisable. Fortunately, hemp wraps are more affordable than tobacco wraps as they contain organic materials, which are cheaper than chemicals.

More Flavourful

Hemp wraps smell better and are more flavourful than tobacco wraps. They do not have a strong natural odour, making the flavours more noticeable and tastier.

Cons of Hemp Wraps

Hard to Roll

Because hemp wraps are not typically sticky compared to tobacco, they are hard to roll and may not stick to weeds easily. Using honey instead of your saliva is advisable for a better rolling process.

Cannot Satisfy Someone Addicted to Tobacco

If you are a tobacco user, expect to feel a lighter effect when using hemp wraps. Hemp wraps do not contain a similar amount of nicotine to tobacco; hence, they might not satisfy your nicotine level.

Pros of Tobacco Wraps

It burns slower

Since tobacco leaves are thick and sturdy, tobacco wraps burn slower than hemp wraps. The tobacco stem also contributes to the slow-burning rate of your blunt. 

More Accessible

Tobacco wraps are found everywhere. They are more accessible to get than hemp wraps. Hemp is still illegal in other countries; thus, most smokers still use traditional tobacco-based wrap.

Cons of Tobacco Wraps

Not for Beginners

Tobacco wraps contain strong and impactful chemicals that can harm someone’s health. There are thousands of death cases linked to tobacco use every year. If you are a beginner smoker, this is not for you.


Long-term tobacco use can lead to mental health problems, like addiction. It is essential to smoke responsibly to avoid issues that might cost you and your family in the future.

Which One is Better to Use?

If you want a healthier practice, it is best to smoke with hemp wraps. On the other hand, you can use tobacco wraps if you prefer a stronger and more aggressive feeling. Either way, you must ensure the quality of your blunt wrap to avoid significant problems and costs.

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